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The Qualité Habitation warranty plan

On top of offering a warranty on the construction of the units, the Garantie Qualité Habitation certifies the reliability of the contractors it accredits and assures you that you are dealing with a competent contractor. This is why the Qualité Habitation warranty is only offered after careful analysis of the contractor's application. If you hesitate between two developments, choosing the one that is accredited by the Qualité Habitation warranty plan will protect your investment and guarantee you receive the quality you deserve.

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The City of Montreal

Subsidies from 6 500$ to 10 000$
The Home Ownership Program of the city of Montreal offers subsidies to first time new property buyers and/or to those who have not owned property in Quebec for the last 5 years. Those without children qualify for a subsidy of 6 500$ for a purchase of 180 000$ or less (taxes included). Those with children are eligible for subsidy of up to 10 000$ for a purchase of 235 000$ or less (taxes included).

For more information, please visit the website of the city of Montreal.


The PAP (Property Access Plan)

The Property Access Plan (PAP) is a program allowing you you to use up to 25 000$ from your registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) to buy or build a property for yourself. (25 000$ for each co-owner, the case being).

Visit the Revenue Canada website for more information


Tax credits for the purchase of a first property (TCPFP)

The fees associated with purchasing a property such as legal fees, disbursements and rights of property cession can be quite a burden on property buyers saving up for a deposit on a new property. In order to help the first time buyers cover fees of such an acquisitions, the Government of Canada instituted, in 2009, a tax credit for the purchase: a credit on the non-refundable revenue of 5 000$ for an admissible residence bought after January 27th 2009. Beneficiaries of this program will qualify for a tax relief of up to 750$.

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